Line spacing inconsistency between Android and Desktop version

Hi, after syncing between the notes of the Android and the Desktop version i noticed that there is a line spacing inconsistency between the two. It seems that while the Desktop version behaves as a rich text editor the Android version behaves as a plain notepad, i.e. the Android "enter" is the same as "shift+enter" in the Desktop. Is there a way to make the Android version do the correct spacing?

Thank you.

Not at the moment.

On Android the viewer is closer to the desktop rich text editor and the editor is indeed plain text.

OK, and do you know if it's possibile (in or outside Joplin) to quickly convert all the "shift+enter spaces" with the correct "enter" spaces?

Can you give an example of what you're trying to achieve because I do not quite follow.

I resolved by using the editor mode in the Desktop app. I didn't notice that here a blank line in the Android app corresponds to the spacing i need :wink:

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