Syncing limit?

I am using Joplin 1.0.193(prod, win32), sync version : 1, profile version 28, with onedrive for sync

I am getting this message while syncing:

Last error: Error: The maximum request length supported is 4MB.

  1. Is this limit by Joplin or by onedrive?
  2. And how can I see which items have not been synced?
  3. If a note has too large attachments, will it still be synced minus the attachments?
  4. Also wanted to ask are the notes saved in our devices or can they be saved only online?
    syncReport-1584538011716.csv (30.4 KB)

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The short answer is that OneDrive API won’t allow you to sync over 4MB.

If you are in the desktop app, you can click Tools>Resources and look for files over 4MB and delete them then re-sync.

A work around is to upload your file(s) to OneDrive. Go to OneDrive and copy the share link for that file and then embed that link into your Joplin note. Not as simple as adding it Joplin. Oh Well.

Does anyone have a better solution?