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Hello, a new user here. Is there a way to prevent this lovely app from helpfully improving my notes for me? I want them to stay exactly as they are. If I've added two blank lines between paragraphs, that was for a reason: I expect them to still be there when I reopen the note. If I've left some rows blank in a table, that's because I wanted some blank rows there. If I've typed a URL without making it clickable, that's because I wanted a URL that isn't clickable, and so on.

Is there a way to disable all things automatic? It's a note-taking app. Users expect to be able to take notes with it: write things down, highlight some passages, tabulate if necessary, and save a local copy. Instead, if reformats my notes for me, sends me to absurd places like Dropbox to save them, and if you want highlighting, you have to code it by hand. Is that the best it can do?

Are you using the Rich Text editor? If so, have you read the limitations of this editor?

Yes, I'm using the Rich Text editor. The warning at the bottom, saying it doesn't really work, sends me to https://www.patreon.com/posts/34246624 for more information. The post is six paragraphs about how it's a challenging component (okay but that component is the whole point of the app) plus a section saying you can't insert plugins (I'm not trying to insert plugins, I'm trying to get it to not botch simple, plain-text notes).

If this note-taking app doesn't support note-taking, could somebody perhaps suggest one that does and runs on Linux? I want a simple text editor with basic rtf, capable of organizing notes into notebooks, that's all. How come the market for something so obvious is a desert? If I wanted a headache with my notes, I'd just use Vim.

Just use Evernote and you're done.


This thread brings to mind a discussion I had with a contractor who was talking about how there are some customers he doesn't want.


Laurent: Thank you but Evernote doesn't work on Linux. Also, does it really need to be this complicated to support European developers?

jb261: This comment brings to mind a fable I once read about that fox who couldn't reach grapes so he decided he didn't want them anyway.

How about not useing the WYSIWYG editor. There you have the note exactly as it is.

That's Markdown. No matter how many blank lines you add between paragraphs it shows one when rendered.

I do not use the WYSIWYG editor but the Markdown editor lets you have empty table rows.

That is switched off by going to Tools > Options > Markdown and unticking Enable linkify

They are saved locally in .config/joplin-desktop under the users home folder. If you want to sync to a folder use File System and not Dropbox as the sync target. If you don't want to sync but just want to backup, use the backup plugin.


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