Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Highlighting

I am an Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University. I have to respond to many, MANY discussion posts each week. I like to copy the students' posts into Joplin so I can highlight their main ideas to help synthesize meaningful responses.

I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. It would be tremendously helpful if I could set a keyboard shortcut to use when highlighting text.



@clinton.bush welcome to the forum.

There is the Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons plugin which amongst other things creates a keyboard shortcut for "mark" (highlight).

This plugin creates menu items (in Edit), shortcuts (defaults can be changed), and toolbar icons for the following actions:


I sure like the idea of this key command for highlighting text, but I cannot get it to work. All it does is put == in front and back of == the text I have selected.

Any guidance to what I might have gotten wrong?

try it without the empty space like ==test== instead :wink: