Keyboard shortcut to move notebook of a selected note


Apologies if this is a noobie question and it has been answered elsewhere. I've tried searching the forums but haven't come across an answer.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for moving notebook of a selected note? I don't seem to be able to find any, and I can't seem to find a command that I could assign a shortcut to either. If it is not there, I think it would be really useful to have it added in a future update as it can streamline the workflow and save a stack of time switching between keyboard and mouse (Specially when reviewing and sorting a batch of notes).

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Hi, welcome to the forum

Just to clarify: you mean

  1. a shortcut for moving a (selected) note to another notebook?

  2. Or you'd like a shortcut to move a notebook (of a selected note) into a different notebook?

Although I understand it is not exactly what you're asking for, the first feature can be roughly achieved via the next plugin

The second one is not possible as the moment, that's true, although in theory, the appropriate plugin can be developed i.e. achieved via Joplin API. The question is only who'd want to do it.


Thanks for the reply, it was 1. that I was referring to. Thanks for pointer to Quick Move Notes plugin, which is half way there. What I was hoping to find is a way to have a shortcut key assigned to this right-click menu item,

The feature is actually already there in Joplin, just doesn't seem to be a way (that I can see) to add a shortcut to it.


Although it isn't in the key binding options it does have a command associated with it so it can be bound.
If you open the command palette (ctrl + shift + p) and type "moveToFolder" you can see the command itself.

If you want to bind that to a shortcut you can actually add this to your keymap-desktop.json in your profile dir (help > open profile directory) like:

    "command": "moveToFolder",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+Alt+R"

If the file doesn't already exist the easiest way is to go to Options > Keyboard shortcuts and add a shortcut against one that doesn't have something already, that will create the file so you can copy the pattern if you are unfamiliar with json.

Worth noting this only seems to work if the focus is in the editor itself, not on the note list.

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Hmm, this sounds like a bug to me.

The command itself doesn't care, just when bound to a shortcut. I can see if it does the same on other OSs.
Also I don't know if it is command specific or accelerator specific, would be worth finding out.

Ah... thanks, that solves it! Also learned a few things about how Joplin works under the hood.

Interesting that the key binding only works in the note editor window and not the notes list.

Thanks for the help.

Maybe we should open a gh issue to track this.

Opened here - Desktop: Command "moveToFolder" when bound to an accelerator only works when focus is on codemirror editor · Issue #6063 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub