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Plugin: Quick Goto

I need a method to quickly jump to a designated note but the [Favorites] and [Home Note] plugins are almost but not exactly what I am looking for. So I create the [Quick Goto] plugin to serve my needs and maybe other as well.

Basically, this plugin creates several keyboard shortcuts slots that you can assign to notes so you can jump to the notes from anywhere by pressing the hotkey like CmdOrCtrl+1.

The [Quick Goto] menu should be put in [Go] menu but I don't know if that's possible or not so I put them in [Tools] for now.


I, too, would find this very useful. Can you make a release/package so that non-techy people like me can easily install it?

Oh, I forgot.

I have just created a release on github.

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I personally suggest that you can implement a function to pop up a list, display the recently opened or modified notes, and be able to use the search box to filter, like

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That sounds like a nice feature to have natively with Joplin Goto Anything... function. But for my use case I only need to hotkey to open a specific note as I keep coming back to it.

Thanks! It's great! I'm a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts in general, and I have several notes that I work on often, so this is definitely a time saver.

It's a good idea and it can be useful but the combination Ctrl+digit is not optimal for all keyboards because some need to do shift+digit to type a number. It seems that this shortcut ctrl+shift+1 does not work.

I am using Joplin on macOS so I cannot confirm the behavior on other platform. Fortunately, the shortcuts can be customized so people can easily change it to their specific situations.

New version is available with options to Assign note silently and keyboard shortcut for Assign so you can use Quick Goto plugin as some kind of headless Note Tab if you want to.

It also supports jump to a specific hash (header) of note but there is no GUI at the moment so you have to open setting and write the hash yourself.

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nice improvement

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Quick Goto v1.2.0 is available. The assign command now able to anchor to the nearest heading instead of just note. This means that you can assign shortcuts to different parts of the same note and jump between those position.

The next major update will add the ability to anchor to the exact line of the cursor by adding a bookmark which will essentially make this plugin Quick Bookmark too.

But as I am quite contented with the current heading logic, the bookmark feature is not very high in my priority list at the moment.

Developer note:Is there a simple way to get current cursor position with the current plugin system. It seems quite trivial, but I have to use contentscript and some callback hack just to get the cursor's position.



Yes, you can use the editor.execCommand command to execute the CodeMirror getCursor command. No need for a funky hack.

I try something like this the first time

const cursor = await joplin.commands.execute('editor.execCommand', {name: "getCursor"});

But it always returns undefined. I checked CodeMirror - Command and getCursor is not "native" function of CM object but adopted from Doc object. I haven't used javascript for quite some time now, just wing it to develop these plugins.