Introducing ragnar48h

Hello everyone!
I'm Hasir, an undergrad at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am looking forward to contribute to Joplin, and along the way increase my knowledge.
I love design, UI/UX and making stuff that others want to use.
Hers is my GitHub Profile. I have a fair bit of experience with React-Native and React.
I have also worked on some apps with my friends, where I worked on UI/UX, along with coding all the frontend stuff up. They are listed below:

  1. Auyster App
  2. Keplr
    Looking forward to apply for GSoC 2021 and help contribute my bit to Joplin. I would appreciate some instructions and guidance for moving forward.
    Cheers! :+1:

Hello and I'm really sorry to be so blunt, but I'm very puzzled. How did you come to introduce yourself here?
If you had read Google Summer of Code 2021 | Joplin you would've already known everything you need to know.
If you did not read it, who told you to introduce yourself?

As I said, I'm very puzzled. Last year we had many questions how to get started even though we had detailed articles, instructions and links to all the info docs.

I am really sorry if I've offended you in some way. I just looked at the previous introductions done by people last year, and saw the format and thought that this was the way to introduce yourself.
As you mentioned, I came here from the GSoC 2021 page on the website, and I have read that. I thought I'd introduce myself.
Sorry for asking for more instructions, even though they were clearly mentioned on the website. I'll make sure I stick to them.
Sorry Again.