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The config is correct, please try to switch to another note and back.

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You may be aware of this and I know you were going to improve the UI but just in case:


I restarted the app, but it was not working, but I tried the next morning after having restarted the computer and it worked. I might have closed the Joplin window but not the software. It's working fine now. Thanks a lot. I will test it and give you feedback if I have some. Great work!

Excellent work!!!!! It is working well and this plug-in adds a remarkable value to Joplin. Thank you very much.


Awesome work, I love it!

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I've just created a wiki page with detailed instructions on how to use the plugin! You can find it here:


Very nice good job. I have only spent a few minutes playing around with it and it looks promising. Some feedback:

  1. as already noted Notes with long titles have text spilling out of the textbox in the Kanban board. Solution I think would be to make the text dynamically resize to fit the textbox or the other way round the textbox resizing according to the text. I would rather have the same textbox sizes cause things look cleaner and the text size becoming smaller if there is a lot of text

  2. This one might not make sense for Kanban methodology but I see this plugin being used to tracked work and in some instance I have multiple tags on the same note and currently such notes will only show up once on the Kanban board according to the first tag that they have. For example I have a tag for when there is an issue with a task and note with issues get the "issues" tag but the same note might have a "testing" tag. Meaning that that particular tasks is being tested hence the "testing" tag but also has issues hence the "issues" tag. I think this might get tricky to solve and probably is beyond the scope but it might be worth noting in the documentation at least.

  3. Is there a way to export the Kanban board to pdf or even as an HTML file?

Once again thank you for your work very good plugin even as it is currently

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Thank for the feedback @meldarionqeusse!

This will be fixed in the next release.

I'm sorry, I don't understand, could you explain what would you like to work differently? Would you like the same note to show up in two columns?

Currently not, but it would be fairly easy to implement, so if there's a need for this I can add it.

Yes for point number 2 that's what I am suggesting that the note would appear in two or more columns if it has more than one tag.

And forgot to add I think it would make sense if the notes are linked to the actual notes

Hey all, I've just posted the final report here: Kanban Plugin Weekly Report - #72 by mablin7


Very nice plugin. I used to have a simple table (from the note overview plugin) to organize my work, but this is MUCH better.
Two requests that would make it even better for me:
1/ the earlier mentioned request to be able to export to HTML or pdf. That would make it possible to have a dedicated display hooked to a raspberry pi or so, that only shows the kanban!
2/ negative filter: so exclude all notes with a certain tag.

Finally, I did not understand the difference between the tag and tags conditions...

Kind regards,


I added a board using

  - name: Backlog
    backlog: true
  - name: Work in progress
    tag: wip
  - name: Finished
    tag: done

After adding this, all my notes modification dates have changed, I know this because the sorting of my notes are all changed. is there any reason why it modifies the mod dates like date? I see that by default it added all my notes in the board.

I love the idea of this plugin, but - yes - there should be a big caveat here regarding this - I also had the same issue, wondering why suddenly hundreds of notes were needing to be updated during sync, and why the updated dates (critical meta-data for me) were being scrambled.

Originally I had assumed that the plugin was modifying tags and that this caused the issue, but I note that if I manually change the tags on a note, it doesn't update the sort order in the note list (when sorting by "Updated date"). Some clarification would be great before I dare to try it again...

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Hey! I'm sorry about the inconvenience, the problem was that the plugin sets the custom order property of the notes to keep track of their relative order on the board. I assumed this wouldn't update the timestamps but apparently it does. I just published a hotfix (1.0.3), please update and give it a try.

Also please post further issues to the Github issue tracker


That's a bug actually, because changing the order indeed shouldn't change the timestamp, so feel free to create a bug report about it on GitHub.


Just wanted to mention to people I had an idea about extending the tagging used for columns, the thread about it is here: Inclusive/Exclusive Tagging

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the silence in the past weeks. This month I started at a new university and a new job, so unfortunately I didn't have enough free time to continue working on this plugin as I planned. But I definitely do not want to abandon the project and if all goes well I should be able to get back to it in October.

Until then, please file bug reports and feature request on the github issue tracker.

Thanks to all for the positive feedback!


Hey! I've just put out a new release (1.0.4)! It's nothing big yet, just a couple of fixes and enhancements:

  • (slightly) New design There have been some issues with the UI scale: many elements were just much larger than the rest of the interface, and some users reported usability problems. Now it should be much more consistent with Joplin, because the board now uses the editor font size. I've also scaled a few things down, and moved some buttons to look more like the note editor. Here's a screenshot:

    Do let me know your thoughts, this design is by no means final!
  • Add notes column from the board Now you can click the plus button next to the column title to create a note, that will automatically be modified to fit into the selected column.
  • Backlog rule behavior change The backlog rule has been the source of some confusion, because I've done a poor job of explaining how exactly it works. The gist of it is, that the column marked with backlog: true will "capture" all notes that don't fit into any other column. It does no further filtering, so adding extra rules to a backlog column wouldn't do anything. To avoid confusion, from now on, doing this will raise a warning.
  • Preserve layout Layout can now be set via Change application layout and it will be preserved correctly.

Further roadmap

With my new schedule, I think I'll be able to work a little on the plugin almost every week from now on. Here's what I have planned:

  • Colorized tags
  • Smoother drag'n'drop
  • More convenient ways to open the board (command, pinning on top of note list, option to open on startup)


Nice update, adding notes straight to columns is a nice feature!

Colourised tags sounds cool!

If I may, could I draw your attention to this idea of mine from a while back Feature Request: Inclusive/Exclusive Tagging in Columns

This plugin is an awesome start and you've done some great work here!

Just some feedback ideas:

  1. If I could filter on note type instead/addition to tag, that would be ideal. I.e. I only want "to-do" notes to be in my Kanban (workaround is I tag them with "task" and filter on that). This way I keep the Joplin todo logic and added Kanban magic :slight_smile:
  2. For the Kanban view, a full-screen view and hotkey would be great. I love having the side bar to see what's in my backlog column but in a smaller window/monitor scrolling isn't ideal to manage dragging notes around. I'd love to flip to just seeing the board then back to my normal layout.