Kanban Plugin Weekly Report

One way you could achieve this without any changes to the plugin is to configure the board like this

    name: Done
    tag: release-1

Then, whenever you want to archive notes from release 1, you just change the borard to

    name: Done
    tag: release-2

This way all archived notes will retain the tag, it's just that they will no longer be on the board.

Yes, that's actually a really neat solution!

Week 9


Hey all! I've just published a smaller release with a number of improvements:

  • Feature: Open note by clicking on card
  • Feature: Create new columns by clicking the plus button, next to the board title
  • Fix: Made the board stay open more consistently
  • Fix: Card title overflowing
  • Fix: Too many cards were difficult to drag around
  • Fix: Infinite hanging bug

I think I'll be able to publish another release this weekend with a few more features. Here's what I'm planning for that:

  • Deleting columns through the UI
  • A toolbar item to create a new board automatically
  • An editor command to open the board in the current notebook
  • And maybe the improved cards UI, if I'll have enough time

Nearing the end of GSoC

As the end of the summer is getting closer, I wanted to ask the community, what features do you think I should focus on. So here's a poll with all the ideas that have come up since the start of the project. You can select all the ones that you like, but keep in mind that some of them would take much longer than others. At best, I think there would be time for 2-3 smaller ones or 1 big one.

I also included the static markdown tables feature, even though it was promised in the original proposal. I just thought I'd let you guys choose if you think something else is more important for you. I think that, sooner or later, most of these would be added slowly even after the end of GSoC, as I'm planning to keep contributing, just much more slowly as I'll have to manage my studies as well.

  • Migration - Apply config changes while trying to keep the board looking the same.
  • Rule value validation - Better error messages
  • "Enforce" backlog rules - Automatically apply rules to notes that would end up in the backlog
  • Reorganize columns by dragging
  • Pin board on top of note list
  • Add search as a filter argument
  • Automatically find and open board on startup or when opening a notebook
  • Add option to display board on the left of the note editor (would require changes to Joplin API, probably wouldn't get merged and released on time)
  • Preserve order of notes within columns, or sort them in some other way
  • CodeMirror extension for syntax highlighting and live checking of settings
  • Generate Gantt charts from due dates of todos in backlog using mermaid
  • Generate static tables - generate static markdown tables to view the board even on clients where the plugin is not installed

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Also, do let me know if you have other ideas or some of the proposed features are not clear.


Is Add search as a filter argument what would be needed to have a board that can see notes across notebooks?

Oh, no, sorry, I just forgot to mention it, it's definitely gonna be included, if not in the next release then in the final one.

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Maybe i missed it somewhere or it's not a feature, but here i am again, colors per category (and maybe also the columns) like we discussed before. Kanban without colors doesn't exist. :wink:
And an answere to your answere somewhere above: Sorry, i know TypeScript is becoming a nice programming language but no experience in that.

Colors mostly used for columns:

Colors that can be used for categories:

Thanks for this nice and long-awaited plugin!

Some rapid mockups how it could look:

... some 'bug' i found: when clicking an item to see the corresponding note the first note flickers on and off under the first note and the first item frame stays orange. This also when clicking other items then the first one. Sorry, difficult to explain and not possible to take screenshot of it, because i have to click.

In attachment i have put a simple 'montage' what i see.

The first item "Test 1" does exist as note and become and stays orange when clicked.
The second item "Test 1" doesn't exist as note but is visible when i click one of the other items.

macOS Catalina
Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, darwin)
Kanban plugin v1.0.1

In mobile i don't see the table, only the 'markdown'.

Android 10
Joplin 2.1.4

Hm I can't reproduce the bug. Can you make a screen recording? Also could you send me the kanban logs from your profile directory?

It's strange because it sounds like a bug I've already fixed before the release.

The colored tags are coming as well, in the next release or the one after that. As for colored columns, I don't think they'd fit the current UI, and the majority voted against the design which included them.

Here we go:

kanban-logs.txt.zip (7.5 KB)

Maybe something wrong in this:

    name: Backlog
    backlog: true
    tag: backlog
    name: Work
    tag: wip
    name: Done
    completed: true
    tag: done
    name: Archive
    tag: archive

In Joplin this is closed with this ``` but when i paste that here they aren't visible.

Thanks for the 'colored tags'.

Thank you for this great plugin. I have a question about the styling because for me the font size in the cards is way to big... So is there way/plan to allow users to change the style of the of the Kanban board? Maybe by costum css?

Hey! Currently the fontsize depends on your default fontsize in your Joplin settings, it's 1.2 times that value, if I remember correctly. Right now, there's no way to change that.

I am planning to have better integration with Joplin theming and more customization, it's just my todo it's pretty long for now, but I'll get to it, I promise.

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Hey, thanks for the report, I've managed to figure out the problem, the fix is coming in the next release!

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GSoC 2021 Final Report

Hey all! Summer of code is over tomorrow and I've just published the final release of the plugin during this GSoC! You can read a summary of my work here.

The release includes all remaining features from the proposal and the top two options from the poll:

  • Added rigth click menu to column titles
  • Persistent card order (WARNING: this is using the same indexes as the custom note order in the note list, so if you drag the cards around, the notes will also change their order!)
  • Generate static markdown tables
  • Show extra tags and due dates under the card titles
  • Now you can specify rootNotebookPath: "/" in the filters section to have the board include notes from all notebooks
  • Minor and major bugfixes

You may notice that dragging cards around became less smooth. This is because I had to switch to a new drag&drop library in order to support the custom ordering. I have a few ideas on how to make dropping (nearly) as smooth as it used to be, but I think it will take some time.

The future

As I've already mentioned, I am planning to continue working on the plugin, but I'm surely not going to be able to dedicate this much time to it as I did this summer. With that said, I have a long backlog of ideas I'm pretty excited about. Here are some of them in (rough) order of priority:

  1. Colored categories: I know it was promised for this release, but I had to delay it.
  2. Drag and drop improvements
  3. Refactoring the sorting backend and adding tests
  4. Automatically finding and opening boards
  5. Gantt charts

With the end of GSoC, I'd like to move all bug reports and feature requests to the repo's issue tracker, so please post new ones there. I'll also create a thread for the plugin in the Plugins category for general discussion and support. I think it could be nice if this thread could be merged there, but I'm not sure about that.

Finally, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who tested the plugin, gave feedback or ideas or just their support for the development! Special thanks to my mentors @roman_r_m and @laurent! I've really enjoyed working with Joplin this summer!


Ok, thanks!

That’s a great news ! Did you plan to allow modification of date format ? DD/MM/YY for example... ?

Thank you for all of your hard work on this! Congrats on completing it.


The vscode-kanbn is also a nice example for style and interface idea's: https://github.com/basementuniverse/vscode-kanbn
It doesn't have to become complex and rich like that one, but it can can give ideas.

Bug's are gone with the latest update, thanks!

Only one thing i noticed now: A note in the 'Backlog' column doesn't has the 'backlog' tag?
Other tags in other columns are working and when moved the tags changes.

A better README is required~~~

Maybe there could be a shortcut to toggle the kanban view.
Right now it seems that I have to use mouse to drag the view to minimal size