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I agree about the viewer being small, I've found having the toggle sidebar plugin and hiding the notebook and note lists useful in the mean time...

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Ditto on this. I added #1 on Github feature request.

Can I ask some questions, please?

I created a test Kanban notebook.

  - name: Tasks
    backlog: true
  - name: Work in progress
    tag: wip
	- name: Feedback & Review
		tag: review
  - name: Finished
    tag: done
    completed: true

First column is task. When I create a new note within this notebook, called test1, how does it appear in the first column? Is there also a way to do this without this "+"-in the viewer?
Is the idea that I write additional notes in this note then in markdown?
How can I add tags, please? Does this first column with all tasks not have tags?
I don't understand the backlog.

When I integrate this Kanban code into an existing notebook, it converted all my other notes in this notebook into tasks. Is this how it should be?
I created now a new notebook to avoid this.

Can I track the date of the create and give each task also a priority, please?

Thank you for your help.

Thank you so much for this! It's exactly what I needed to truly transform my workflow! Appreciate you and the time you have spent on making this.

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You mentioned this as a feature – to anyone looking for this, you can Home Note plugin. Would be cool to add to this plugin, but that is a nice workaround.

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First of all, thanks for the plugin. It is awesome!

I have a question about the usage. After I dragged a card to another column, it will open the card immediately and close the kanban board. I don't see any people talking about that. Is it an expected behavior or a bug? It is quite troublesome when organizing the kanban...

I am not seeing that behavior on mine. For me, when I drag, the card opens, but the kanban board panel stays open so I can continue moving cards without a delay. I almost never open the actual kanban board card though, other than to "launch" the kanban panel.

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Would it be possible to strikethrough todo cards that are marked as completed? Or to make them slightly opaque? I like that they are visible, but would prefer to have them less prominent.

Hey everyone!

Just published 1.0.6 with a few fixes:

  • Use date format from settings for due dates (thanks to Marcel Ryser!)
  • Make adding new notes from the board more reliable
  • Improved Markdown view: note links and optional list view (thanks to Alon Diament!)
  • Update README

EDIT: make sure to get 1.0.7, I made a mistake when publishing


That does seem like a bug. Could you open a github issue and post your config there?

About the first point, there was a solution posted to GH issues here.

Thanks for accepting the PR @mablin7!
And thank you @uxamanda for suggesting the new display of Kanban-as-a-list!

If anyone's interested in checking this new option, add the following lines to your ```kanban``` configuration:

  markdown: list
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@mablin7 I have just checked your repo and I'm happy to see that is quite active.
Do you need any support to keep it alive, as you haven't pushed any code for quite a while?