Feature Request: Inclusive/Exclusive Tagging in Columns

I was recently having an issue with a note having multiple tags going into the right column...

On my board I have two columns that share a tag, Blogging has tags "wip" and "blog" and Coding has tags "wip" and "code". Currently, any note that should go in the Coding column ends up in Blogging because they share the "wip" tag and Blogging is defined first!

It would be really nice to define if tags are parsed inclusively or exclusively! I guess this would go in filters but at that point, it might be a good idea to generalise it to be called setup or config for clarity's sake...

Or alternatively, you could have it be a case by case thing so:

  - name: Backlog
    backlog: true
  - name: Blogging
    tags: [wip, blog]
    inclusive: false
  - name: Coding
    tags: [wip, code]
  - name: Finished
    tag: done

would mean Blogging only matches a note with ALL the required tags but Coding would still accept anything with "wip" OR "code" (I think inclusivity would be a good default since exclusivity is likely the rarer use case and inclusivity is already the result so people wouldn't have to change anything)

The second is more verbose but has some cool organising usage for projects with multiple steps of completion to a task for example but the first seems like a simpler usage...