Joplintool needs info before release (type_6, type_13)

I made a little python helper tool for joplin which checks for orphaned files and checks remote sync files. Before I will release it I need some info:
One function of the tool is to check if there are addittional files in the sync dir (where all the .md files are). I could identify notes, folders, tags, images. But what are those type_: 13 and 6 files ?

All the types are there:

6 is a “noteTag”, which means a link between a note and a tag, and 13 is a revision.

:+1: exactly what I was looking for (and didn't find ...)
thank you for responding so fast laurent and btw:
thank you for this awesom app !

@patrick-atgithub you can also have a look at my scripts which do exactly what you want. in bash though… you can use them as a template to code your python scripts.

I already did and your script was indeed very helpful (used your sql queries and joplin-api) … tool needs some polishing before release…

Feel free to post it in /apps when it’s done