Request Review

Joplin has a set of Recommended Plugins. How can community members request reviews of useful plugins? (In particular, I would hope to see the Space Indenter plugin reviewed and added to the list of recommended applications)


It is less about if they are useful and more about if they can be trusted as safe and unlikely to ever be modified in a malicious manner which is why the current batch are mostly Joplin maintainers or long standing community members.

That makes sense. I could imagine a world where a plugin author creates something of use, donates it to Joplin, and then feels welcome to contribute pull requests for improvements in the future. Is there a process for plugins to migrate from community maintenance to Joplin maintenance? How can users say "This is a feature valuable enough for Joplin"?

Honestly fairly unlikely simply because there is already a shortage of resource on that front anyway but ultimately it would be up to Laurent. There are already some plugins which have been mostly unmaintained since GSoC. In a perfect world you should still be able to see and trust what you are looking for based on download numbers etc. without requiring an official stamp of approval.

Yes we don't really have a solution for adding new Recommended plugins for now. If we make a plugin recommended, we more or less commit to review every single version after that, and that doesn't scale.

Well Mozzilla does it but they have automated tests too, better defined plugin permissions and more staff. Maybe that's where we should start, by restricting what a plugin can do. For example if it can only work on local data (and can't make http requests), we'll know it's safer.

For example if it can only work on local data (and can't make http requests), we'll know it's safer.

This would be helpful. Having some framework for the risk profile is important for a notes app. At the moment my framework is, "I should assume that the author of any plugin can read every note that I've written in Joplin." Which makes plugins a bit of a non-starter.

This reminds me of a problem I only discovered lately (I think it didn't exist in v2.9):
on Joplin 2.10.13 under OSX, when I goto settings -> plugins and type e into the search field (every name has an 'e'), the recommended status / symbol is no longer shown for any plugin coming up. When and how did this happen ?

Thanks. Wasn't aware of the space indenter plugin. Just what I needed :slight_smile: