Joplin with iPad and AWS S3

I'm using Joplin on Windows(ENT 10, Joplin Ver 2.8.8), iPhone(IOS Ver 15.5, Joplin Ver 12.8.1) and iPad (IOS Ver 15.5, Joplin Ver 12.8.1). The configuration is same for cloud sync (AWS S3 Sync) across all 3 devices, however it works on all but iPAD. I've tried finding this on forum etc however not able to get any solution. I've also uninstall, install the app many a times, but to no luck.

Team any suggestion son this? Really running short on ideas and need help

One issue I am aware of is that in some cases the DNS causes problems on iOS. You could try to use the IP address instead of the FQDN

Thanks Ivo, you mean instead of the AWS FQDN, use IP address ?


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