Joplin Web Clipper

Joplin Web Clipper not working firefox 86.0 (64-bit)
Doesn't start at all?

Joplin Web Clipper Version1.6.1
Last Updated March 14, 2021

Can you please be a bit more specific.

What do you mean it does not start. It's an extension. There's an icon in the toolbar.
It looks like this (the one on the right):


Can you see that icon? If yes, what happens if you click on it?

What does it say at the bottom for you?

I don't see an icon on my toolbar! Joplin Web Clipper Add-onn install succeeded! The last version broke something?

Maybe it's hidden under More tools... (also called the overflow menu)?


I've been using 1.6.1 since January 4th. I can tell you it is not broken.

It's not More tools. I've been using the JWC for a while. Maybe this was because I brought the old Firefox profile to the new operating system. I don't know, man. Well, I reinstall Firefox and the problem was fixed.

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