I failed to read the instructions!

I changed the WevDAV URL before reading the FAQ! I’d been using Dropbox and was changing to a Swiss Nextcloud server.

I have three Joplin devices - a Linux PC, an Android tablet and an Android phone. Trying to fix things only made them worse. Although I’ve stopped sync now, all three Joplin instances are different. The one in the Linux box is in the worst shape.

From the FAQ, “On your WebDAV service, copy all the Joplin files from the old location to the new one” is gibberish to this newbie. Is there any way I can compare and sync all three Joplin instances off line? I just don’t trust what’s left in the two clouds at present.


It’s not clear what the issue is so it’s better to start over - export the data to JEX from the app that has all the content, then uninstall all the apps, delete all the profiles and data on WebDAV. Then reimport the JEX file and re-sync.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I think this might work for me but because no single Joplin instance has “all the content,” some manual tidying up may still be required.

I can follow everything except “delete all the profiles and data on WebDAV,” as WebDAV is a complete mystery to me. Where would I find the “profiles and data” for the Dropbox and Nextcloud servers?

On Nextcloud, it’s under whatever folder you’ve selected when you synced. Simply open Nextcloud in your browser and you should find it.

On Dropbox, you can delete Apps/Joplin

Thanks for your help - I’ll try that.

I saved the JEX file from the desktop ok but where is the export feature in Android?

There’s no export in Android. If there’s some content in there that’s not anywhere else, you would have to manually copy and paste (for example to an email that you send to yourself).

Hi @laurent

I believe this is not the first time this has happened and I understand why that is. The current behavior is not intuitive and not what anyone would expect.
The information below the configuration field it is very helpful, but I think it can easily be overlooked.

Maybe we could start a discussion about this.

Do you think it would make sense to add a checkbox, which would allow to copy all local notes to the new target?
Maybe even make it checked by default. In that case you would never lose any data.
Or is there a downside to this approach?

Hmm, maybe, I think the way to do this would an option to clear the local sync data so Joplin will consider nothing had been synced yet and so will upload everything.

Those are all dangerous options though which require the user to read and understand what will happen. If they don’t read the current instructions why would they read the new ones? Or maybe we just need to make the existing description more visible, for example with a big “warning!!!” before?

We’ve also discussed displaying a dialog box of many notes are going to be deleted, but this is tricky to implement and is unnecessary if the user follows the doc.

On my Linux box, I deleted the old Joplin AppImage as well as the data folders both in the box and in the cloud. But when I start the new Joplin, the old Joplin entries are still there. There must be some config stuff still to delete somewhere.

You need to delete the local data in ~/.config/joplin-desktop too

That was it! Thanks heaps! All set now!