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Joplin version 1.0.197

Here are some news and fixes

  • New: Added support for checkboxes and fixed various issues with WYSIWYG editor

  • New: Added Vietnamese translation

  • Improved: Go To Anything by body (#2686) (#2683 by Anjula Karunarathne)

  • Improved: Cleaning up the install / update script (#2719 by Brandon Wulf)

  • Fixed: MD importer handle special chars in linked image name (#2346) (#2334 by @bart)

  • Fixed: Prevent title overflow on small windows (#2918) (#2917 by anirudh murali)

  • Fixed: Fixed top margin of toolbar (#2828) (#2824 by Siddhant Sehgal)


Synchronization doesn’t work in version 1.0.197 (portable, Windows 10 1903, sync with OneDrive). Clicking the button does nothing, and the sync doesn’t start automatically. But everything is working perfect in the previous version 1.0.195.

at leasrt, it’s ok on linux with dropbox.
may be onedrive is stuck
can you have a look at the “sync status” to see if you don’t have a diff between exsting objects and synced objects ?

If there are some problems in OneDrive, sync wouldn’t work in any versions, I suppose? But it’s ok in old PC versions and Android. Sync status says, no errors, no conflicts.
It seems like the button “Synchronize” doesn’t exist. No reaction on clicking.

By the way, I use the portable version on windows. I’ve corrected the first comment.

I have a problem with Joplin 1.0.197 in Mac I get the following message: “Joplin.app” cannot be opened because Apple cannot check for malicious software