Joplin version 1.0.159

Here are some new fixes and improvement


  • New: Added option to open development tools, to make it easier to create custom CSS

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved: Enable more options on multimd-table plugin (#1586)
  • Improved: Improved config screen with dark theme
  • Improved: Make bold text more visible (#1575)
  • Fixed: Fix internal note links (#1587)
  • Fixed: Fixed empty separators in menu
  • Improved: Improved tag dialog to make it easier to add and remove tags (#1589)
  • Improved: Speed up synchronisation by allowing multiple connections when downloading items (#1633)
  • Improved: Better handling of items that cannot be decrypted, including those that cause crashes
  • Improved: Upgrade TOC plugin version to 4.0.0 to fix various issues (#1603)
  • Improved: Improve how font size is applied (#1601)
  • Improved: Improved workflow of downloading and decrypting data during sync
  • Fixed: Fix icon path and directory in Linux install script (#1612)
  • Fixed: Handle multiple lines in attributes when importing Enex files (#1583)
  • Fixed: Fix issue with revisions being needlessly created when decrypting notes


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The new tag interface is much better than the old one, thanks!

Now, if we could also search for pages with only some specific tag combinations :slight_smile: .

Sync is now lightning fast. I also like the new tag dialog.