Joplin version 1.0.178

Here are the new features and improvements

New features:

  • New: Api: Add ability to search by folder or tag title
  • New: Add option to disable auto-matching braces (#2251)
  • New: Display selected tags under a note title (#2217)
  • New: Add external editor actions to the note context menu. (#2214)


  • Improved: When importing MD files create resources for local linked files (#2262)
  • Improved: Update Electron to 7.1.9 (#2314)
  • Improved: Show completed date in note properties (#2292)
  • Improved: Maintain selection when non-selected note is deleted (#2290)
  • Improved: Don’t count completed to-dos in note counts when they are not shown (#2288)
  • Improved: Replace note links with relative paths in MD Exporter (#2161)


  • Fixed: Fix pdf export when mouse over non-selected note in notelist. (#2255) (#2254)
  • Fixed: Fixed regression in HTML note rendering
  • Fixed: Fixed export to HTML, PDF and printing



Joplin 1.0-.178 86_64 appimage
Linux Mint 19.3

Could you please put the Joplin-1.0.178-x86_64.Appimage into the releases/download/v1.0.178 directory on GitHub?

Although the Linux install / update script detects that 1.0.178 is the latest appimage version there is a 404 Not Found when it tries to wget the new appimage. Sadly this happens AFTER the script has deleted the previous version.


Windows 10: The exported pdf-Files are empty. Is there some adjustment necessary?

File -> Export -> pdf
When I use the left mousebutton, it works.

Joplin 1.0.178

Can confirm that I have the same issue with pdfs being empty on both Win10 and Linux Mint 19.3.

Also on Linux Mint it appears that, despite the settings box being ticked, Joplin does not start minimised. Admittedly it was a manual install of the appimage as the upgrade script cannot wget the appimage (see above)

EDIT: The not starting minimised issue appears to have a been related to the failed install rather than Joplin itself - Please ignore.

@merlinuwe, @dpoulton There was a change related to pdf export in this release. The development version of it is working, I just reconfirmed now. I’ll check the release version.

From which spot are you doing the pdf export - from the main menu or the right-click menu?

Main menu export does not work for me in Windows & Linux whereas right click works in both.

Additionally the right click pdf export appears not to “honour” userstyle.css (using @media print)

Please file GitHub issues for these bugs.

What’s the syntax? tag:mytag or folder:myfolder doesn’t work for me

Concerning the empty pdf, my bad. A correction is submitted. Apologies.


…so, the AppImage no longer offers to install/register itself with the system. What happened?

Same here!
Fortunately I could restore from backup :slight_smile:


It seems that the app image download file on Github is now named Joplin-1.0.178.Appimage rather than Joplin-1.0.178-x86_64.Appimage. if you edit the script to remove -x86_64 from the wget line it will work.
it appears on Github that the script has been fixed and is waiting to be merged.

Please open a GitHub ticket for this bug as it's likely to affect many other users.

Just to be 100% clear - the search change is at the API level, and not yet available in the desktop client? (e.g. to search for notes by tag in the search box). Thanks!!

Yes it’s only on the API. I think there’s a bug in the way the changelog is generated as this particular change should have been prefixed with “API:” to make that clear.

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Same here yes, exactly that error.

Sorry laurent but I don’t have a GitHub account and if I didn’t have one before M$ bought them you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t make one now.