Joplin version 1.0.165

Here is a new version with :

News :

  • New: Added support for Fountain screenwriting language
  • New: Add solarized themes to desktop client (#1733)
  • New: Added support for templates (#1647)
  • New: Added markup language to property dialog
  • New: Add support for cinnamon to install script (#1738)


  • Improved: Better handling of adding the title to print and export to PDF (#1744)
  • Improved: Improved bold formatting support in Enex import (#1708)
  • Improved: Create fileURLs via drag and drop (#1653)
  • Improved: No longer crash if certain theme properties are not set
  • Improved: Make translation files smaller by not including untranslated strings. Also add percentage translated to config screen. (#1459)
  • Improved: Only repeat failed requests up to 3 times during sync
  • Improved: Upgraded packages to fix security issue
  • Improved: Make depthColor theme property optional
  • Improved: Optimised loading of multiple items
  • Improved: Disable Markdown actions for HTML notes
  • Improved: Footnote, toc-done-right, anchor (#1741)

Fixes :

  • Fixed: Fixed Back button icon on Config screen
  • Fixed: Fixed note order when dragging a note outside a notebook (#1732)
  • Fixed: Fixed race condition when loading a note while another one is still loading. Improved performance when loading large note.


If you’re lazy and, like me, had no idea what Fountain is: here.

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Fedora RPM builds here:

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I fixed a link about the template feature in the original post