Joplin Touchscreen support

Hello Joplin community.

Is support for windows touchscreen possible ?
For example I have a windows surface and I'm used to taking notes with my digital pen (for graphs, class etc). The only thing preventing me from switching from Microsoft OneNote to Joplin is the lack of touchscreen support (for example, the ability to draw graphs, write etc on the notes like a whiteboard).

It could help the classic consumer (and not the linux nerds :smiley: ) switch over to Joplin.

Would be awesome I it could be added ! :slight_smile:

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For info the number of Windows users is about 60% and macOS 25%, so you’re getting something wrong here.

Hahaha :smiley: Since Joplin is recommanded by privacytools and some privacy reddit subs, I was expecting a big Linux community.

Not that I have any problem with Linux Nerds :slight_smile: