Joplin Sync using File System Part 2

Joplin 2.7.13
MacOS 12.2.1
Windows 10

---original post was unresolved---
I installed Joplin on my windows machine and created a sync folder on a mounted file share. Works great.

I installed Joplin on my Mac and pointed to the same sync folder on the mounted file share. I accidentally over-wrote the file share with from the empty MacOS Joplin. I restored the lost files on the file share and verified that the Windows machine can sync. Now, on my mac I keep getting a sync error about a file in the lock folder not found (see below)

Completed: 07/03/2022 22:50 (1s)

Last error: Error: Error: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/jjj/Amazon WorkDocs Drive/My Documents/Personal/X1/Joplin Sync/locks/1_1_5988ca5cd6d34cb28090c63570266237.json'. Path: /Users/jjj/Amazon WorkDocs Drive/My Documents/Personal/X1/Joplin Sync/locks/1_1_5988ca5cd6d34cb28090c63570266237.json. Path: /Users/jjj/Amazon WorkDocs Drive/My Documents/Personal/X1/Joplin Sync/locks/1_1_5988ca5cd6d34cb28090c63570266237.json

The file does not exist and I can't find it to restore it. I deleted the app on my Mac and the Joplin folder in the user library but every time I reinstall the app on my mac it is "finding" my sync config and adding it back to the Joplin app. How do I clear the reference to this lost file?

I spent many fruitless hours trying to locate where the call to the non-existant file was. I uninstalled joplin, deleted the joplin folders from the mac library. I searched the file system for metadata. I uninstalled the Amazon Workdocs client. I switched to a local file directory on the mac - no problem there. I switched to another folder on workdocs - no problem there.

But returning to the original workdocs directory continued to result in the originally stated error.

After leaving it alone for a while, on a whim I pointed back at the problem directory. I reset joplin to erase all local content and pull from the sync directory. After the error appeared, I created an empty file w the name of the file in the error and at the location indicated. I then re-ran delete local data and pull from the sync directory

Issue resolved. And the file in question was deleted during the sync.

I wish someone could tell me where that information was being cached - it was only happening on the mac, never happened on windows.

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