How to delete shared notebook on a server

I have have a notebook from user A synced to the joplin server and shared with other users.
Now I want to delete the original notebook and the owning user. How can I do this.

Here is what I did:

  • I have stopped the sharing and made sure that no other user is connected to this notbook
  • I removed all content in the original notebook
  • I stopped sharing
  • I deleted the notebook

When I look at the server the user still has quite some volume in use

  • why is this?
  • how can I delete the user and the attached data?


I have never used it but there is an admin facility to delete users.

As admin select the user under Admin > Users and you can schedule the account for deletion.

When the Joplin server task scheduler next runs the "Process user deletions" task, the account should go.

Admin > Tasks shows when the user deletion task is set to run.

Hello thanks for the answer. I am running the server version 2.6.10 - is it possible that this feature came in later?

If so I need to upgrade, which leads to the question if there is an upgrade / migration path?

Got it:
server-v2.7.4 - 2022-02-02T19:23:34Z🔗
New: Add task to automate deletion of disabled accounts (1afcb27)

server-v2.6.13 - 2021-11-29T18:41:28Z🔗
New: Added command to delete database item content (01048f5)

So I will need to upgrade - are there any recommendations which steps to take? I haven't found an upgrade documentation.

All I have ever done is just pull the latest docker image. Admittedly I have never lept that many versions forward in one go.

Maybe someone reading this with a deeper understanding of the differences between 2.6.10 and 2.10.4 can advise?

I should be safe to upgrade from any version to any version as the app keeps track of what migration needs to be performed.

For user deletion, have a look at the USER_DATA_AUTO_DELETE_* settings in app.ts for configuration.

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I'd say I am a little bit out of luck..
before I try to fiddle around does anyone has a good advise how to fix this?

I stepped down to postgres:14 docker image, this works and I have the joplin server 2.10.4 up and running

the question is now: Is there a migration path for from postgres 14.6 to 15.x ?

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