Joplin Server - Admin Instance?

Good Morning,
I'm still pretty new to Joplin. I recently started using it and already grown quiet fond of it. I've setup Joplin clients on my computer (Ubuntu) and on my Mobil (Android) and they are synchronizing through a self hosted joplin server on my synology nas (in docker).
Even though it is not relevant for my question I'm running the latest version of Joplin Server (v2.13.1).
In the latest Changelog of the Joplin Server i found the following new feature:
"New: Add support for separate admin instance (d78ab16)"
Now I havenĀ“t been able to find anything on this feature. I would be very Interest to learn more about it since I'm thinking about exposing the Joplin Host on the internet. Being the paranoid person that i am i would prefer to disable the admin login from the internet / from non privat ip addresses but i haven't found the possibility to do so yet. Now this feature sounds like it could provide me this possibility therefor I would be grateful if somebody could share some information on it.

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