Joplin Server tag:latest update?

Do we have any information about the update of the self-hosted Joplin Server? The server with the tag "latest" is version 2.1.1 which doesn't allow syncing with the latest Joplin App versions (desktop and mobile).

I know installing containers with the beta version tags do work, I tried it and it's great but I'd rather not use beta when I can avoid it. :slight_smile: The current latest beta is at 2.2.8, can we expect an update latest in the next few days, maybe, or I'm too optimistic?

I have everything set up (subdomain, reverse proxy, etc.) so when it does update I'd be ready to use it right away, hence, I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

I completely agree. The latest tag should match latest Joplin app version.

From what @laurent has said on this forum, the server software is currently in beta. There are no "release" versions so all published images are beta versions and should be selected in the docker-compose file using its specific version, eg server:2.2.8-beta. When the server software is considered stable enough to be "released" that image version will additionally be tagged :latest.

I believe that from then on :latest will indicate the latest Release version with :x.x.x-beta (or possibly something similar) indicating a Pre-release. So from then onwards if you use the :latest tag you will only get the latest image considered suitable for use.

It's similar to the way the desktop client software uses Release and Pre-Release.

@laurent has mentioned that the current :latest tag was issued in error to Server v2.1.1-beta, hence it has not been used since as there is currently no release version. That being said, from what I have read the first release version of the server software is likely not that far off.

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From the next release there will be a few more tags.


Thanks, I knew most of these, though it was a surprise that the 2.1.1 was marked as latest as a mistake. It is pretty sad, as I tend to go for latest with all my containers and usually never use anything but.

It seems that I need to wait some more, then. :frowning: It is even more surprising as if I'm not mistaken, Joplin Cloud is out of beta which runs the very same container so I believed that we are close to a first non-beta public release.

Thank you. It was/is a bit misleading that as :latest "is always the most recent released version", currently is far from it, as it's not even released yet (and as I learnt just now, it was a mistake, anyway), and this is not likely to change in the next few days.

@dpoulton thanks for the explanation.
@JackGruber can't wait for it, thanks!

Looks like you did not have to wait long!

Docker Hub shows v2.2.10 has been released and
(1) it is not marked "beta" and
(2) it is tagged :latest.

Awesome, thanks for the heads-up! In the next few days then I can finalize my setup.

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