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I have Joplin running in docker. I recently updated the image but now Joplin won't start.

The annoying thing is, that I cannot roll back to an older image since the release images are not tagged with version numbers anymore. At current only the "latest" and beta versions are tagged with version numbers. For stable releases the last version tagged correctly with a version number is v2.5.1 from 2 years ago.

I am now stuck with a non-working Joplin server and cannot sync my notes until I can get the issue resolved.

In case there is interest: The error I see when trying to start "latest" is

yarn run v1.22.19
error Command "start-prod" not found.

What error do you have? It seems the latest version if not compatible with older versions of Postgres. It works with Postgres 13+ (maybe 12 too but to be confirmed)

Hello @laurent,

I am not using Postgresql, unless it is running within the joplin/server image. I did change the baseURL, but I can't imagine that being the issue.

The error I receive is in the description. It's:

yarn run v1.22.19
error Command "start-prod" not found.

What version have you installed?

Hey @laurent,

I wish I could tell you. I am currently using version "latest", not sure what version that is. Is there a file or a way inside the docker container where I can see the version that I am running? I did try the latest beta: 2.14.1-beta, with the same result.

That is why it would be nice to also tag latest with the actual version number in dockerhub, makes it easier to see what version is being used and allows for rollbacks to previous version.

And you got it from here?

Yes latest would be whatever is the latest tag on Docker, but I don't understand why it wouldn't find start-prod in your case since it's inside the image and it seems to work for everybody else. And certainly Joplin Cloud is working and it's using the same base image.

Edit: Also I see it's using Yarn v1 which I don't think would work (we use v3). On the other hand we're just using whatever comes with node:18-bullseye

Yes, that is indeed where I got it from. Might it be because I skipped a few version when updating and that because of this some migrations didn't run or something?

I don't know why it is not working either. Is it relying on something on the host that I might need to update?

Indeed odd it's trying to use yarn 1 if it should be v3.

From looking at the Joplin Server image digests on Docker Hub it looks like "latest" is currently "2.13.3-beta".


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