Joplin server and Docker error message

I am running Joplin server with Docker on Ubuntu. I am using the official instructions from Docker for joplin/server. I can use

docker run --env-file .env -p 22300:22300 joplin/server:latest

and access the server from my web browser. However, when I use

docker-compose --file docker-compose.server-dev.yml up

I do not get any error messages from the docker command, but I do get

Invalid origin: http://localhost:22300

In my web browser.

Can anyone help?

Are you using an reverse proxy? like Nginx or apache?
Also could you share your .yml config?

@dronicus welcome to the forum.

The only time I have seen "Invalid origin" messages is when the URL being used to access the server does not match the APP_BASE_URL= set in the .env file, hence "Invalid origin".

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