Dabbling with Joplin Server

With a little bit of spare time, I decided to give the Joplin server a go. Now I already have a VPS with some vital apps running in Docker, but consider me to be a newbie in anything but the most basic information please :slight_smile:

I will attach my complete compose.yaml file, with obviously only the parts relevant to run Joplin. It seems to work, except... when I visit joplin.mydomain, I'm getting only
Invalid origin: http://joplin.mydomain

Not sure why it's doing that... as I said I have several other containers running using the same setup (e.g. Jellyfin which I have left in as an example), and none of them give any such error.

Any ideas what I need to do to get this going? Thanks :slight_smile:

compose.yaml (3.3 KB)

I think you're missing an APP_BASE_URL and possibly an APP_PORT variable in your config. Have a look at the sample compose file as it contains the main required variables: joplin/docker-compose.server.yml at dev ยท laurent22/joplin ยท GitHub

Thanks Laurent :slight_smile: Well adding the main domain line definitely gives a different error (edited my actual domain out, for obvious reasons):

Invalid URL
Go to login page
Joplin Server 2.6.10, copyright ยฉ 2021 Laurent Cozic.

The base domain is covered in the proxy, so I didn't really think that would work. I have never added it to any of my other services either...

As for opening the port manually, that didn't make any difference either. I didn't expect that either, because once again the (virtual) port is handled by the proxy itself.

So with the original setting (either with manual port of without) I DO get Joplin's site, except it mentions nothing but

Invalid origin: http://joplin.mydomain

(That is also the page source). Searching through this forum I did see that others had the error as well, so still hoping there can be a solution somewhere if for no other reason that bragging rights that I managed to make it work :slight_smile:

I think you also need to configure your reverse proxy to forward the domain name. If you search in the forum there are examples to do that for nginx or Apache, depending on what you use.

Not sure I follow you Laurent? The first part of the yaml file is the reverse proxy that caters the domain. I left one other example in to show that it works for... well... all my other services, haha. So far the only one being stubborn is Joplin so I'm wondering if there is some special setup involved that is different from other containers? And, as always, thanks for your help of course :slight_smile:

I can't see the nginx config in the yml file but basically you need to forward the host header, with something like proxy_set_header host $host;. I don't know how you'd do this with this setup though - normall there should be a config file somewhere specifically for nginx, or some way to set specific variables.

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You need to configure a reverse proxy (say, Nginx) outside your container configuration. Meaning that when you're done with configuring the containers properly, you need to set up a reverse proxy separately. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointers, guys :slightly_smiling_face: I will ask an expert friend because this is getting a little (ok a lot, haha) out of my league.

Will let you know what comes out of it!

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