Joplin version 1.0.119

Here is a new release

:warning: Important: This release might be slow on startup due to the need to index all the notes, especially if you have many of them with lots of content. The best is simply to wait for it even if it takes several minutes. This is just a one off and afterwards startup time will be the same as before.

  • New Features:

    • New: :mag: Fast full text search engine. Works with multiple terms, support for prefixes, can restrict search to either note title or body. See for more info.
    • New: :mag: Search within current note (Ctrl+F).
    • New: :page_facing_up: Add separate editor font size option (#1027)
  • Fixes and Changes:

    • Changed: :mag: Changed global search shortcut to F6.
    • Fixes #808 (maybe): Added fix for Nginx 404 error issue.
    • Fixed: Prevent sync infinite loop under some rare conditions (only happens when manually modifying files on sync target, which should not be done anyway).
    • Fixes #476 (maybe): Trying to fix notification flood. Added more log statements in case something goes wrong.
    • Fixes #1039: Always print or export to PDF using light theme
    • Fixes #1033: Handle hard break when rendering Markdown to HTML