Joplin data usage strangely high

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Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

Client ID:
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

Automatic Backlinks to note: 3.0.3
Quick Links: 1.2.4
Simple Backup: 1.3.3

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What issue do you have?

I'm more perplexed than genuinely concerned, but Joplin has been showing unusually high download levels for quite some while now (I can't give an estimated start date, sorry, but it was some months ago). Haven't had any errors or issues with data not syncing to Android that I've seen, so while I specified OneDrive for my sync target I don't think it's relevant?

Joplin typically clocks in at 300-350MB+ in downloads on any given day, and on most days the only work I do in Joplin is to add a few lines to a personal log file (which figuring each change is its own upload because version history is still under 1MB of text-only if we were counting in .md files) and passively read a few other notes. I'm entirely willing to believe it's some screwy/screwed up setting/variable on my end, but while I'm in no danger of bouncing off Comcast's stupid data cap it would be nice to not chew through a couple MB in inexplicable downloads every time I edit a tiny text file.

Attached screenshots are a randomly selected day's data usage amounts from the last month and a real-time screenshot of the last five minute's data usage after I'd added a blank line by hitting enter in a bulleted list (so, line break + tab + asterisk) and let Joplin start syncing. I can provide additional logs if requested/directed, but provided the section of the basic log.txt file around the time from the "Joplin real time usage" screenshot.


Log file

log excerpt.txt (4.22 KB)

An addendum/update twofer:

Including a screenshot of Saturday's data usage for Joplin, roughly midnight to midnight. Around the same time I posted this thread I dropped the sync frequency from 10 minutes (absent the data usage issues, I am a fan of frequent backups and while yes sync != backup it's still useful as part of a wider suite) to 1 hour, and the data usage drops accordingly. Given that Joplin's proactive about pushing local changes and I rarely actually edit anything on mobile I'll probably just leave things as is, but that only ameliorates the symptoms. Something funky's still going on because I made precisely one minor change to one file between ~2pm and ~11pm at around ~4pm. :thinking: (The spike around 2pm was me updating an extension, so it's unrelated to this thread.)

(I know there have been syncing issues with OneDrive, so if I've just found another quirk and the answer is "No really, OneDrive really is that sloppy/whatever and 10 minute sync intervals cause confusion/wasted effort" then at least that would be an answer so... :woman_shrugging: I'd maybe move elsewhere, but Dropbox isn't interested in catering to the "2GB is too little but 120$ a year is too much" crowd and I'm currently a little less side-eyed about Microsoft than Google.)

Simply for testing, use a free nextcloud account. The one I use has 8GB, and works flawlessly for 2 years now. You can find others all across the globe.
This is about your last few lines, not to say your problem is related to Onedrive.

Oddities with the download levels aside (which may or may not even be OneDrive related), I'm generally satisfied with OneDrive's performance. I just know it's caused issues in the past, which is why I mentioned it just in case. Would rather not have to muck around with swapping hosts just to see if that's the culprit though...

1/6th the automatic uploads is looking like it's coming out to roughly 1/6th the mystery download totals, incidentally.

Unexpectedly high data usage

Hi Veska
I am currently looking at a problem of excessive data usage with my internet provider. I have an LG laptop running Ubuntu latest distro, kde version. It has been powered up but not used for some weeks.
For a while I kept getting usage reminders from my provider and decided to look into it since I havent been doing much. Some days were 50GB, a lot were over 10 GB per day. My actual usage could not explain this, so I decided to turn off some devices to see what would happen. To my suprprise, when I turned off the linux llaptop, the usage dropped to what I would expect. What was the laptop running? You guessed it - Joplin! I will continue testing and obtain more data.

Regards, Noto

Sorry, forgot to mention that I use dropbox as the sync target - Cheers!

I have no clue what Linux has for means of seeing what programs are chewing up bandwidth, but if you haven't already poked at that that's probably worth looking into? Gigabytes is way more churn than I was seeing even with an aggressive 10-minute automatic sync timer...

That was a good idea. I checked usage with a program called nethogs and from that I conclude that Joplin and Dropbox are innocent. I have more work to do.

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