Joplin Portable 2.6.10 synced with OneDrive issue

Joplin Portable 2.6.10 synced with OneDrive personal issue

The sync works fine. On ONE of 4 PCs that I have Joplin on, OneDrive keeps tossing the Joplin LOCK files into the LOCAL Recycle Bin. By the end of the day I might have 2 dozen lock files in my LOCAL recycle bin. While not really a problem it's sure a nuisance.

Not sure if it's something with OneDrive or Joplin. . I appreciate any ideas on how to stop this behavior.

Do the other 3 PCs have the Recycle Bin option set to 'Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted'?

Nope, all of them have it set to recycle deleted files, which it does normally when I delete a local file.

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