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Hello community,

I hope you're all doing well. I've been facing an issue with syncing Joplin to OneDrive recently, and I'd really appreciate some guidance on resolving this.

Error Details:
Last error: Error: Could not execute request after multiple attempts: GET {a OneDrive Link ending with .md:/content}

Current Setup:
I am using the backup plugin and have Joplin installed on a primary machine, as well as a secondary PC and a mobile phone. Unfortunately, they are currently out of sync because of this error. Right now only my primary machine has the latest version of my notes through a local backup.

Request for Assistance:
This is my first time encountering such an issue, and I am a bit hesitant about potentially losing any data. Could someone kindly provide me with the exact steps to:

Clear my OneDrive
Duplicate my local backup copy on the primary machine to OneDrive
Ensure that the second computer and mobile phone are also following the OneDrive Sync without any data loss.
I want to make sure I do this correctly to avoid any complications. Your advice and guidance will be immensely appreciated.

Do you have a complete, recent backup of all your notes on desktop ?

Yep I do!

If you have ... this little procedure will solve your problem ... unless your profile is corrupted.

  • quit Joplin on desktop, go offline on your phone,
  • log into your cloud drive, with your browser,
  • delete everything inside the Joplin profile folder (hidden files ?)
  • in Joplin goto options -> sync -> advanced
  • select "re-upload"
    and keep your backup in a safe place.

If this doesn't work out, try a second time after you deleted and restored your "local" profile on desktop.
I hope this helps.

Does this apply for mobile too? I can't seem to find this option available?

Sorry for the late reply, I've been offline for a few days.
DO NOT try to do this from the mobile device.

Follow the above procedure and after the last step do this :slight_smile:

  • erase the mobile app,
  • download it again from appstore or playstore (this deletes all related files)
  • now sync

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