Joplin lock files in local recycle bin

I suspect this is a OneDrive issue rather than a Joplin issue, I am hoping someone else out there figured out an answer and can shed light on it.

  • The version you are using. LATEST VERSION is not a version number!
    2.88 Portable
  • If it is a sync issue, please let us know what you are syncing with.
    OneDrive Personal
  • The operating system you are using.
    Windows 10 21H2

I had to remove the VeraCrypt encryption on 2 data drives, one each on two computers. I decrypted both and all looks and works fine. Joplin works, Joplin Sync via OneDrive works, OneDrive works with other files syncing as well.

Since then I have dozens and dozens of lock files from the Joplin directory show up in my local PCs Recycle Bin. In fact all the deleted files from OneDrive now show up in the recycle bin. So this is obviously not a strict Joplin issue.

Besides turning off the recycle Bin for the entire data drive, has anyone else fixed this issue? Or is this just normal from now on? I have another computer that I left the Data drive encrypted on and it does not have these lock files in the Recycle Bin on it.

If you have used the OneDrive connector in the Joplin sync settings this may be due to OneDrive copying your Joplin data back to your computer into the local folders managed by the OneDrive application. Selective sync allows you to exclude syncing specific folders stored in OneDrive. Joplin connects directly to OneDrive, you do not need the Joplin folder included in your sync list for the OneDrive application itself.

That was it! Thanks! No more lock files in the recycle bin. Apparently I had VeraCrypt present the drive as a removable media and it would not put the lock files in the Recycle Bin. Th echange in encryption made it a regular device. Anyway, it's solved!


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