Joplin on ParrotOS (Debian) starts with empty white screen

I installed the latest Joplin (2.12.15) using the recommended script. Now when I start the app it only displays a completely white window. I can see the menu but nothing displays there either.

I'm using ParrotOS 5.3, based on Debian.

Could you please help me troubleshoot this?


  1. See if you have plugins and delete them one by one until no blank screen (close and start Joplin in between).



  1. Or go back to an older version of Joplin...

Hello Steph

The menu does not show that option for me at all.
I just upgraded to v 2.12.17, but the issue persists. How can I get older version?
Thanks a lot.


Left column, scroll down until :

Make a choice of a version by clicking on the number at the begining of the paragraph

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v 2.12.17 is now working. Thanks.

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