Joplin now natively built for OpenSUSE Leap 15.1, 15.2, and Tumbleweed

For those using a OpenSUSE family of Linux...

I have been building Joplin packages for Fedora for a long time now. Well, as of today and version 1.0.233, I finally got Joplin to build successfully and natively on OpenSUSE.

If you are a SUSE user, check it out. I don't personally use an OpenSUSE desktop, so I NEED TESTERS ... please poke me if you see a problem.

Also, as of v1.0.233, Joplin is building on RHEL8 / CentOS8. Those are typically server operating systems, but you will be surprised how many people run their desktops on them. :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: I am not a part of the official Joplin team. I just build packages. I also readily supply the source packages that you are free to examine and rebuild if you like.



I tried the Tumbleweed install, the repository stopped with a 404 error. Needed Joplin right away and used the linux install command on the home page, sorry.

Well. Heck. Probably a simple error on my part. Apologies for the issue and I will look into it. But thank you for reporting it.

@duxswhatduxs — It was a stupid cut-n-paste error on my part in the installation instructions. Oi. Thanks again. Fixed (I hope).
UPDATE: ok, NOW it is fixed … cuz this time I actually git pushed the change. Geez.



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Thanks a lot! Lifesaver.. Just went over to Tumbleweed, this was one of the last applications (but a critical one :wink: Should do those first I guess... Nevertheless, syncing now.

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