How to open up the gui?

I am using opensuse Leap 15.1, and just installed joplin according to the standard installation instructions for linux. It did not create a desktop icon, but the icon file does exist in ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/512x512/apps/.

So if I run the command ‘joplin’ on the command line, it opens what looks like a bash based joplin application. But how do I start running the gui?

Which installation instructions did you follow? It looks like you installed the command line version by mistake.

The typical installation is the following command
wget -O - | bash

But I don’t know if that will work on opensuse, you might be better off if you simply download the appimage and double click on it.

Ok, thank you. Yes, I had run the wget command at first, and that is why I was only getting the command line Joplin. Now I have downloaded the appimage and I got the gui up and running.