Joplin mobile : actions from notes list

Actually when we press a long time on a note in the list, we can only delete or move it.
I would like to have all the action available, we have, when we open a note.
Thus this will avoid to open a note , for example to just grab the markdown link, or assigning a tag etc

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Sounds like a good idea. Maybe we can create a Hacktoberfest issue for it. This might even be a good first issue, depending on the current code. All the functions are there, so they only have to be accessed from the context menu.

@laurent what do you think?

It would be a good feature but i think not so easy to implement for Hacktoberfest.

Multiple notes can be selected so the actions would have to be changed to support multiple notes. Some of these actions might also be dependent on the note being opened so again some tweaks to make.

It would be a useful feature though so feel free to add it to GitHub.