Joplin encryption key duplicated?

version: 1.5.11
OS: Windows 10

I had an issue with infinite syncing (which wasn't allowing me to download the latest changes from OneDrive) so I decided to delete my "joplin-desktop" config folder and start over. (btw for whatever reason Joplin doesn't even ask whether or not to delete that folder on uninstall)

Then I tried to connect back to OneDrive. All data was downloaded but encrypted. Joplin asks me to enter encryption code. I do. Everything is decrypted. All good again. But no! I get this weird warning that says "One or more master keys need a password". Then I go to the encryption tab in the options and there is suddenly a 2nd (non-active) key set that needs a code. What is that and how do I get rid of it?

P.S. I thought Joplin was stable why are there so many weird bugs with syncing? Someone told me it's bc of OneDrive. That doensn't make any sense to me but if that's the case I wouldn't mind switching to another cloud platform as long as things work and don't keep crashing again.

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