Joplin kind of freezes: can't select different note/notebook


on my arch linux, Joplin V 1.0.179 (Revision 66356d8) I encounter a bug which I’m not able to reproduce, but it occurs everytime I’m using Joplin:

After some time using the app or waiting, it kind of freezes. I still can edit the note, but I can’t select a different note or notebook. When clicking on a different note, the content in the editor window just remains the same. I still can edit text, but - and that is a bigger problem – syncing doesn’t work either, i.e. when I restart Joplin, all the content in the note that I have written since the freeze, is gone.

I tried reinstalling Joplin, but the bug remains.

Does anybody have advice?

p.s. both ways to debug don’t work as described on the page. I’m sorry.

kernel 5.5?

Also, how did you install Joplin? We do not support any Linux specific packages. If you did not use the AppImage, please contact the package maintainer.

I’m also experiencing freezing with Joplin running off the AppImage (version 1.0.179) on Linux 5.5 (Solus 4.1).

I have over 10000 encrypted notes. I have to quit the app with each change to another notebook just to list its contents.

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Arch Linux and its derivatives are having pretty bad issues with Joplin due to issues involving the 5.5 kernel upstream. If you can downgrade to the LTS kernel for time being, it should solve the issue until it gets resolved. Unless you need 5.5 for driver support for newer hardware that needs them or specific patches, 5.4 seems to work fine

Solus and arch down on bugged distros. That means Gentoo users are probably having same issue

I’ve read the issues reported on the bug. Unfortunately I need Linux 5.5 because I have the latest hardware available (all AMD based) and need these drivers.

Thanks for verifying it definitely is a kernel issue. There’s only been Arch reports available.

If anyone has ideas, feel free to pitch in on the issue tracker since this is affecting quite a few users

yes, kernel 5.5.

Thanks for the answers and links