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Joplin 2.13

What issue do you have?

When using the iOS client and having it sync from my Joplin server, the text information comes down, but the pictures that are in the notes come across looking like black arrows. How do I fix this so it gets my pictures in my notes. The notes were previously from Evernote and Evernote Data was uploaded into Joplin. The desktop version of Joplin. The pictures are there as they should be.


I don’t know also, if this helps, but I’m attaching the Sync

log. It looks like when trying to sync items over that it’s having some errors. I see from the notebooks that were brought in from Evernote that it looks like the text is there and all of them but pictures are not coming through on the iOS side. The pictures are all there on the desktop side.
How can I get it to fix?

I'm not quite sure what causes this, but the section on "downloading attachments" in Joplin's documentation might help:

I’ve gone through those steps, and I still cannot get it to reliably download the images on iOS app. I’ve toggle and re-toggle several times between always an auto, and it still will not fetch all the images.