Joplin has been uploading and is taking up my bandwidth

joplin is always uploading and takes up a lot of space. I think it may be uploading large attachments I added in my notes. I regret adding more than 100MB of attachments to joplin. I suggest whether you can add independent Attachment management module? Or the attachment is automatically uploaded to dropbox and a dedicated link is automatically generated? In order to facilitate the management of attachments and save bandwidth, let me know what joplin is uploading

Welcome to the forums. I know that you’re having issues with Joplin constantly uploading and syncing, but did you know that you can either fully disable automatic syncing or setting the intervals to be as infrequent as once a day so that you don’t have to worry about your current frustration? That’s not to say that the app won’t check the server every so often for possible app updates and changes between your device and whatever cloud service you’re using when you start it, but that shouldn’t use a massive amount of bandwidth.

The option for setting syncing interval is towards the middle of the Configuration menu on mobile / tablet and under Synchronization options on the desktop version.

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Additionally you under Syncronization -> Advanced settings you can change the attachment download behavior so that they only download when clicked on.

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