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Joplin Features Evaluation toward a Roadmap for an Outstanding Note-taking App

I’m almost done adding my values, so not very useful for me anymore,
but it would be easier to fill out when you turn on alternating row colors.
And maybe you already turned it on, but freezing the first column would help future editors, since it’s they’d be editing further from the feature list on the left.
If you understand what I mean.

And thanks for creating this list. Hope @laurent will find it helpful too :slight_smile:

Also not sure what you mean by “password” under “security”, but for instance, to password protect the whole program/app would not be very useful to me, however being able to password protect a specific notebook or note would be very very useful.

And maybe you would want to split “Free and open source”?
For instance, for me, “Free” is less important than “open source”

And, adding the definition of certain acronyms/abbreviations is useful, but what would be even more helpful would be to give some examples.
Or maybe everyone here will, like me, understand the implicated possibilities when a feature like, API, CLI or Plugins is part of a program like this. Then this would not be needed.
(Just trying to help and get the best possible outcome from this. A good accurate dataset)


Made my pensum !

Like Bruised, I just regret that free and open source are together. Open source is 3 for me, but free is only 1. (but then a reasonable price would be a 3).



@Bruised and @oliviermarti, i didn’t even think about that. In all honesty, there are a plethora of open source projects that are not free that are well worth supporting. Check out Bitwarden (offers a free tier but its best features are tied behind a $10 subscription) or Protonmail ($50 a year for full access and them to host your mail server with source code available for those that want to run the service from their own servers). Open source doesn’t mean devs don’t have expenses and I’m ok with proprietary software from devs that are highly transparent, especially with their privacy policies.


Good points @Bruised

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Alternating row colors,
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Freezing the first 2 columns and first row.

I agree for splitting Free and Open Source. I wish I had thought of that before. Since we have 10 evaluations now, how do you suggest to introduce this to the sheet for already existing evaluations?

For the password, I actually meant to protect the mobile app with a Pin like Simplenote :slight_smile:


Thanks (from the future responders :wink: ) for the changes to colors and freezing.

About the Free and Open Source:
1 way you could introduce it is by copying the values that are currently there in the “Free and Open Source” row.
So in other words:
Changing “Free and Open Source” to just “Free”.
Adding a row underneath with “Open Source”.
And If the field currently has a value for “Free and Open Source” of say 2. Both fields (“Free” and “Open Source”) will read 2.
Then the respondent could go back and change the value (of they want). And future respondents can fill it out straight away.

It’s not ideal, but especially with the knowledge that if the first 10 respondents have both fields the same, they probably didn’t change it after the change to the sheet. This would still be very valuable information for Laurent I think.

To further add to that, I would definitely make sure you define what “free” is in this context. There are multiple camps, especially in the Linux world, that will have varying degrees of what it means. The most common ones are: 1) Free as in beer 2) Free as in no monetization whatsoever (including donations, tips, etc) 3) Free with incentives to support (like patreon or developer being able to work on it full time).

On the first two, I would gladly rate 0 because (as soon as I’m able to) an app like this definitely deserves my money. For the third one, if a free app solves my main problem while also has the ability to cut down some of my extra apps, I’ll gladly pay the extra subscription to the dev instead (Joplin is definitely replacing GoodBudget for me now that I have my budgeting system tweaked to my liking for the most part). The third free definition, I would whole heartedly rate 3 for this reason.

Thanks for creating the list Rami. This kind of data can be useful however I feel it’s not in a format that makes it easy to use or contribute to. Are there no existing services we could use, where your list and votes could be exported to?

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You could possibly create something like it through your patreon page. Last time i used the service for my own endeavors, i believe there was a free teir or public option for making polls about these sort of things.

how about using trello? dynalist use it for their roadmap

@rami.sedhom, I left some fields blank in the evaluation sheet, because I didn’t quite understand what you meant:

  • Different views — Do you mean the editor vs the viewer, or other viewers beside the current one? The only thing I would like to be added is a zoom facility for the viewer, but that’s not something I desperately need.
  • Importing from text/CSV/JSON — What should I imagine I would get when I import such structures?
  • Exporting to text/CSV/JSON — Same type of question.

In addition some other wishes from my side:

  • Easy reference to classes, IDs, and styles — My rating would be 2.
  • (Un)fold nested lists, not only (un)fold subtasks as in the sheet — My rating would be 1.
  • Lockable notes, as a kind of safety hook to prevent inadvertent changes by me or the cat — Also rated 1.

Just a snapshot today of most voted/important areas as per 17 voters until now:

Category Percentage
Searching 89.5%
General 78.4%
Backup 73.5%
Security 73.5%
Exporting 72.4%
Organizing 67.6%
Apps, APIs & Sync 66.3%
Importing 61.7%
Editing 53.7%
Plugins 52.9%
Keep other resources 52.5%
Viewing 51.1%
Task Management 42%
Collaboration 39.6%
Commenting & Annotation 35.3%

That mean the top 5 important features those voters are looking for in note-taking app are:

  1. Searching,
  2. General (Free & Open source),
  3. Backup,
  4. Security and
  5. Exporting.
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What format do you think is easy to use? This sheet can be downloaded into different tabular formats: (xlsx, ods, html, csv, tsv). I believe it’s relatively easy to handle data from any of those formats.

Maybe not in terms of file format, but rather how it’s presented. For example React Native use canny.io to track votes on feature requests. It allows having one page per feature, with description, comments and votes. It’s not free though, but it gives an idea of how it could be.

If you want a whole platform to collect and manage user feedback, I can see 2 open source self-hosted alternatives to canny.io:

The percentage for “Backup” in the spreadsheet is wrong–it’s actually the percentage for “Security” instead.

There are a few features I don’t really understand. What does “Keep files” mean, for instance? Keep them where? I’m also unsure on what “sorting selecting” is.

@JudgeDeadd this is definitely a core issue that I and others have brought up about this spreadsheet. It is a bit vague in what certain teams are meaning and implying and @laurent has already requested other means of obtaining this information since its current format isn’t exactly valuable to the devs at this time. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m not sure, but didn’t we use the poll plugin for the design decision?
Probably would also could introduce voting topics.

In my personal understanding it is already difficult to guide the users for issues to the GitHub Repo, for feature requests and discussion to the forum for details about the features to the website …
so I would try to stick with discourse as long as possible. Just my two cents.

(In addition I didn’t join the voting because I don’t want to use any google services)

Please add feature “Navigation button”.
Just like in a web Browser, buttons back & foreward, and maybe a drop down list of historics note viewed.

and how about the allow to add Custom stylesheets easily, allowing to create stylesheets library / plug-in model

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Did you have asked them about special pricing? Seems like they over special pricing (perhaps even free?) to open source projects:

If you think canny could help you to get an better overview compared to discourse that could be a good idea. Perhaps a public “roadmap” like this would also stop duplicate feature requests.