Joplin Export: Export emails from Thunderbird to Joplin

Hi, nice to see an opensuse user. I used it for a long time, too. Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

About the folder selection at each export: My first thought is something like the "Get Messages" button with a dropdown if you click on the right. I hope there is a way to add that kind of button in an addon and will try to look into that. I would like to keep the "one-click-export" functionality for sure, since it's convenient.

About the mail headers: That should be easily doable. My Thunderbird shows the fields: From, Subject, To, Date+Time. Would that be sufficient for you?

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Hi @Marph

Thanks again for this plugin it's really very useful !
I wanted to add a second default tag this morning but it doesn't seem to work.

I tried simply with a comma :

(a) pro, mail


The first is created but not the second one.

I can reproduce. It's caused by the space. As workaround you could try pro,mail. Anyway, I will make the parsing more robust. I. e. that a space between the tags is ignored.

In general the free text input is not very user friendly, but it was the easiest to implement on the first try.

Thanks for the bug report!

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Ok, i confirm it works without space. I use (a) to have this tag on the top of list in joplin.


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Just for documentation: Joplin seems to strip spaces at the start and end of tags. The basic export procedure is:

  1. Search for tag " mail" -> no results, since tag " mail" is non-existent
  2. Create tag " mail" -> a tag named "mail" is created in Joplin
  3. Search again for " mail" -> no results, since tag " mail" is non-existent
  4. Create tag " mail" -> fails, because the space is stripped and a tag named "mail" is already existent

Since it isn't the users intention to create a tag with starting spaces, it can stripped in the Thunderbird addon already. So we don't trigger this problem anymore.


@Marph, this is an awesome addon! Thank you for your time and effort in its development.


Thanks, @Marph. The dropdown sounds good to me, and yes, those four header fields are just right.

Thank you for this. This is one thing I was missing moving from Todoist and Evernote where you could email into the system. Now I just run Thunderbird and Joplin on the same computer and works perfectly!

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Update for the two latest feature requests:

  • The folder selection at each export seems to be non-trivial. The "Get Messages" style button is not available for add-ons. An alternative would be an option in the context menu. However, I couldn't figure out how to get a nested context menu. So I didn't implement it for now.
  • Header information at top of the note: There is now an option to enable the info. The layout is hardcoded for now. I tried Nunjucks and really liked it. The implementation worked, but there is a warning about user defined templates. Not sure if it's a security risk in this case, but I didn't add it for this reason.

I uploaded the add-on in this state to the Thunderbird store. It's waiting for review.


I've been checking every few days for Joplin Export to appear in the Thunderbird store, and spotted it a few minutes ago. The mail headers look great.

Thank you!

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Fine. The review did just finish and the add-on is available at the Thunderbird store now: Joplin Export :: Add-ons für Thunderbird :tada:


How do I specify which Joplin notebook the email is exported to? Your doesn’t mention it.

I exported a test email and I had to search for it, have no idea why it was where I found it.

I had to I expected it be in the Web Clipper specified notebook but it wasn’t

Joplin Portable 2.7.15.
Windows 10 21H1
Thunderbird 98.8.1
Joplin Export T’bird Addon 0.0.1

@RogerL did you specify the notebook here as shown in the readme video?

Edit: The option is called "Parent folder".

Ah, no I hadn’t. May I suggest you rename it as Destination Notebook and perhaps throw an error if the field is empty?

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Both seem to be good additions from user perspective. The API uses the name "parent folder", but for the user that naming isn't very helpful. I will try to include the changes in the next release. Thanks for the feedback!

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Also the text when you hover over the i should say “The exported notes will be stored in this notebook”

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Hi @Marph

Thanks again for this great extension!

Just a question of usage after a few weeks. I realize that many times I don't need the recipient part of the subject line because I have that information in the header table.

Do you think it would be interesting/useful to provide an option to not have this info in the title anymore? Or maybe with a great regular expression in "trim" it is possible? :thinking:

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Hi @bepolymathe,

it would be useful to have this option. In fact, I experimented previously with Nunjucks and got a PoC working. It would allow the user to define how the note title and body would look and which parts of the email they include. However, there is a security warning for user defined templates, which is why I didn't implement it, yet. Currently I'm waiting for feedback from the add-on reviewer. If there is positive feedback from the add-on reviewer, I will implement it and prepare a new version for testing.

The "trim regex" only operates on the email subject. The other parts of the note title are hardcoded. So it's unfortunately not possible to remove the recipient.

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Hi @Marph

Okay. Thank you for your explanations. We will wait for the proof of concept feedback :wink:
Good evening to you :smiley:.