Joplin displays incorrect colors

Hi everyone, I have this problem.
Win 10 version and Joplin are displayed in wrong colors. The blue color disappeared and pink and green appeared. I feel that the color space (sRGB, CMYK, etc.) is set incorrectly. All other applications are ok. In the theme settings I have set the Light theme. I use Joplin on another computer and everything is ok. Do we have a solution?

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Are you using custom css files (userstyle.css - userchrome.css) on the other computer?
Is the other computer Windows 10 as well?
What Joplin version are you using?
Is it the same version on both computers?
What particular items are the wrong colour?

Are you using custom css files (userstyle.css - userchrome.css) on the other computer? No
Is the other computer Windows 10 as well? Yes Windows 10
What Joplin version are you using? Last stable 1.7.11
Is it the same version on both computers? Yes
What particular items are the wrong colour?

Ok. I wasn't expecting that. As I am sure you gathered from my questions I was expecting parts of the app to be in different colours not the whole thing, including the colours in the PNG image. That has got me beat. Hopefully a dev with knowledge of how Joplin displays its entire interface can step in.

I know it's a stereotypical response but have you tried reinstalling (or seeing if you get the same with the portable version)?

I tried the portable version and the same problem.

I've never seen this problems before, it looks like the blue channel is not being used at all? Perhaps some display driver issue?

It looks like this, but other applications are running normally. On what platform Joplin It runs? Can't the problem be related to a given programming language?
Hardware is used: Intel NUC NUC8BEB (Intel® Core™ i7-8559U, Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 655
I will try to reinstall the graphics drivers

Reinstalling new graphics drivers did not solve the problem

Joplin is built on Electron. Do you use Google Chrome? Any issues there?
(Electron is pretty much chrome)

If not, you can also try something from this list 10 Most Popular Electron Apps of 2020 - Wiredelta to see if other electron apps are affected.

A similar problem was with Google Chrome. This solution helped:

How to use with Joplin?

So tested in Google Chrome.
Force color profile sRGB is set and the colors are OK
Force color profile Default and colors are displayed incorrectly as in Joplin
The final question: how to set sRGB colors in Joplin???

Try adding command line parameter --force-color-profile=srgb

enter in command palette (ctrl + shift + P)?

This command line parameter does not work for me in Windows 10.

I would also like to know how to change the color profile in Joplin.

I had a similar problem on Win10 in other apps on my mother’s computer when I visited her last week. Fresh install of Win 10 and MS Office 365 but she didn’t have Joplin on her machine. Turned out she had turned on high contrast feature in settings. That wreaked havoc with everything.

May not be the case here but worth checking. Mom has macular degeneration but with high contrast “feature” turned on it was like experiencing instant onset color blindness. Took hours to figure out what had been done. Couldn’t see some buttons, changing themes had no effect. Very frustrating experience until ringing the switch. Sorry I can’t provide specific steps as I am not there now and I finally gave up Windows a year ago for MacBook.

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