Joplin Desktop : Batch notes creation?

Hi all,

a quick search in the forum didn't get me anything, so I've created the issue.

In Joplin Desktop, is there a way to create a batch of notes form a command similar to "mknote" form Joplin CLI ?

My use case : I'm a teacher, and I wish to create a new note for every new student in joplin.
(even better, with a template...)

If it's not possible in Joplin Desktop, should I install Joplin CLI and be able to works the Desktop's notes through CLI. Are they two different way to work on the same notes ?

Thanks !

You could take a look at the templates plugin: Templates Plugin Released! 🚀. I don't use it, but it looks similar to what you described.

You can also create notes via self-written plugin or from outside Joplin with the data API. Here are some wrappers:

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