Joplin crashes with renderer engine gone

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

cannot do this, because Joplin crashes quickly

What issue do you have?

Load Joplin. It crashes within a few seconds with "renderer engine gone." Same in safe mode. Same after reinstalling Joplin. I cannot change any options, because it crashes too fast.

I then reverted to a boot of Windows 10 as of one week ago from a different partition (I do boot backups every week.) That version does not have this problem, even though it is using the same Joplin profile (which is not on the boot drive). Windows 10 did an update yesterday. I suspect that is the problem.

Is no advice available? Someday Windows will do another update. Will that again kill Joplin?

When the app crash there should be a joplin_crash_dump file in your home directory. Would you mind sharing it?

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