Joplin Cloud is now part of the Joplin company

As some of you may know Joplin Cloud so far has been operating under my own single-person limited company in the UK. This was mostly for convenience since it meant I could get things going quickly without having to setup a special structure for it.

Now that Joplin Cloud is becoming more mature however a proper company, simply called Joplin, has been created. This company will be based in France, and will be used mainly to handle the commercial part of the project, which currently is mostly Joplin Cloud. I'm still heading the company so there won't be any major change to the way the project is managed.

What does it mean for Joplin Cloud?

There will be no significant change - the website ownership simply moves from one company in the UK to one in France. The new company is still owned by myself so I will keep following the same roadmap.

What does it mean for the open source apps?

On the short term, the only visible change will be moving the non-open source assets, such as logo or trademark from the UK company to the French one. So expect a few changes in copyright notices here and there.

In the medium to long term, I would like to hire one or two software developers to help me with the Joplin Cloud development, because we reached a point where managing the whole project is difficult for a single person, so some help is needed. Some of their work might also touch the open source apps since both are quite related - but of course that work will remain open source too.

As a general rule, there will be a permanent commitment to keep the apps open source and to derive value from Joplin Cloud/Server.

Longer term I would like to create a non-profit organisation to handle the open source applications and to make decisions about the project, as well as to decide how to allocate any funding we receive (for example from GSoC).

Looking forward

Those past 6 years of developing Joplin have been an exciting and rewarding experience, thank you to all of you of the friendly and vibrant Joplin community for your contribution toward making Joplin the software it is today, and looking forward to continuing the journey together!


Happy Joplin cloud user here, thanks for the phenomenal work over the years.


Good news and looking forward to seeing Joplin’s continuing success and development.


Thank you for all your work on this!

I've been super happy with Joplin since I switched to it from Evernote, and Joplin Cloud has not even entered my radar, in the good way in that I am a subscriber (for some months now), probably sync daily, and have never even had to think about it.


That's certainly good to hear. I would like to use Joplin cloud, however there is one problem. I have no credit card. I have been trying to get one but my bank does not cooperate, enough for me to even find out why they are being a bitch about it.It's a stone wall. The Dutch (I'm Dutch) banks use a service called Ideal and I also have Pay-pall and a bitcoin wallet. With those three I have been able to make any internet payment except the one for Joplin Cloud.
I think adding pay-pal to the Joplin cloud payment options would make it would make it considerably easier for people like me to give you our money. So how can that be a bad idea? :smiley:

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I am a little confused. Is Joplin Cloud a web base version of Joplin? Or is it a repository like dropbox to hold the data for sync and we still need to install Joplin in different computer? Hope someone can clarify.

Joplin Cloud is no web based version of Joplin, it's a other sync target like dropbox, WebDav, ... but with more functions.

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