Is your cloud encrypted?

New to Joplin and just imported several Evernote notebooks. Except for some formatting, everything went well. If I use the Joplin Cloud to sync across multiple devices, is the data I sync safe? In other words, some of the data I want to sync includes passwords, banking info, etc. Is it safe to sync that data using the Joplin Cloud? With Evernote, I was able to mark certain notebooks as "private" and prevent them from syncing, and with One Note I can password protect individual notebooks - I do not see a similar feature with Joplin.

Thank you very much in advance.


If you enable e2ee then the sync data will be encrypted no matter what the sync target is.

Thank you, and I do understand that. But I want to know if there is encryption on their end.

Joplin Cloud isn't an "end" it is in the middle (i.e. just like any other sync target) so will be encrypted if e2ee is enabled regardless of any other security.


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