Joplin as a markdown browser

Several projects have their documentation in markdown with relative links.

Is is possible to browse them without actually importing them to Joplin?

So: if I find Joplin useful for browsing/editing markdown documentation, can I somehow use it?

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Well, in my opinion, joplin is more lilke a note library than a note eiditor. I recommend you to use typora as an editor, and you can also open the note with typora in joplin.

Seems interesting. What is the difference between note library and note editor?

Joplin is a little heavy as a pure note editor, it’s more like a note repository that you can manage your notes by pinning tags, synchronizing, etc.

But typora or other text editors provide only edit function, it’s more suitable for edit single text. The difference is just like the notepad/vim and vscode/IDEA, you’ll never want to add a .java file to a project in IDEA for just browse it.

Ok, but then following your analogy, Gnote’s “What links here?”, or “Find usage” would be in the core of it, but it’s not.