Joplin as a bookmark manager on browsers


I was thinking about the possibility to use Joplin as bookmark manager on Firefox.
The idea is that it would work something like this:

  • On Joplin: create a Notebook or Sub-Notebook called 'Bookmarks'
  • On Firefox: configure the Joplin extension to use the 'Bookmarks' Notebook as the main directory when using it as a Bookmark
  • It would not change the web clipper behavior
  • On Firefox: I can click on the Joplin Extension icon to navigate or have a option to use it in the toolbar

Hello feiler,

I sort of do this but I use an "inbox" notebook. I still use the browser for bookmarks, and use joplin for the important/interesting links.

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There are also browser extensions, at least on Chrome, that will let you copy open tabs as Markdown so you can paste them all in one note instead of clipping URLs into separate notes.

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Those are nice ideas but they don't satisfy my needs about bookmarks.
I want to do that to avoid duplicate info between the browser and joplin.
I would like to centralize on Joplin.

Floccus could be extended for this purpose. It already supports multiple options, including saving to local filesystem. Available on Firefox / Chrome / Edge / Vivaldi

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This is something I would love. I'm now using BrainTool ( which works great. It makes a single, simple org-mode file. How difficult would it be to make plugin that takes the org-file and syncs it to a notebook in Joplin?